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Autumn Term 2020

Upper Foundation

Children in UFS have enjoyed PE sessions with a sports coach this half term. The children have been developing a range of skills such as coordination, running, jumping, spatial awareness and changing direction.  They have also started to develop their ability to dribble, roll, throw and catch a ball.  

Y6 - Basketball

This half-term, the children have learnt how to: correctly hold a basketball using 5 points of contact; accurately move whilst dribbling the ball; pass the ball to a team-mate; shoot with accuracy to score a point and they have played in mini class tournaments. The children have worked hard to increase their awareness of finding space in order to move the ball between players and score points. 

Y1 - throwing and catching a ball using different techniques.

Upper Foundation - Listening & Moving skills

Upper Foundation have enjoyed their first session with a PE coach. They listened carefully to instructions and travelled in different ways.

Y1 - Raid the Biscuit Tin

Y1 have been working on speed and direction and listening skills as well as learning how to be defenders - they enjoyed playing 'Raid the biscuit tin'!

Y2 - Defending & Attacking

Y2 spent PE time with a coach from ACES. They explored different ways of moving, then learned key skills of defending and attacking.

Y2 - Team working

Y2 learnt lots of team working skills during their PE lesson.

Y5 - Enjoying Hockey in the sunshine

Y6 - Hockey skills

Y6 have been really enjoying their hockey sessions this half term. They have learnt how to safely carry a hockey stick in the suitcase position, pass a ball using a push pass and a sweeping pass; they also learnt how to intercept.