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Spring Term 2020


Dodgeball  1
Dodgeball  2

We have enjoyed our dodgeball after-school club. We have developed an understanding of dodgeball rules and developed our throwing, catching and dodging techniques.


Sequencing Rolls & Jumps

Sequencing Rolls & Jumps 1
Sequencing Rolls & Jumps 2
Sequencing Rolls & Jumps 3
Sequencing Rolls & Jumps 4

Year 5 & 6 have been working with a coach to learn a variety of rolls and jumps. They have worked together to practise then perform a sequence.


Multi-skills 1
Multi-skills 2
Multi-skills 3
Multi-skills 4

Year 1 have been working hard and having fun doing Multi-skills with Libby our PE coach.


Moving like an Octopus!

Moving like an Octopus! 1
Moving like an Octopus! 2

Upper Foundation have been moving like under the sea creatures! Here we are working cooperatively to move like an octopus. 


Working with a partner

Working with a partner 1
Working with a partner 2

Year 1 have been working in Unison and also in Cannon, with a partner.