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Forest Schools


At Horbury St Peter’s and Clifton Primary School, we intend to instil the “St Peter’s Spirit” in all our children. Our forest school in particular encourages our children to value the importance of:




as they explore the world around them in a naturally curious way.


Our intent is:

  • To develop positive relationships with themselves and others around them.
  • To work harmoniously within a group or independently respecting the views and ideas of others.
  • To foster an appreciation of their natural surroundings and develop awareness of environmental issues.
  • To learn to respect and care for living organisms in their local environment.
  • To be supported and to take risks in a safe and secure environment.
  • To develop skills and independence in a variety of outdoor activities.
  • To explore a broad and balanced curriculum using a range of interesting resources suitable to their individual needs.
  • To have opportunity to explore, grow and nurture plants.




At St Peter’s and Clifton, the Forest School Leader will work alongside the class teachers to prepare and plan activities for children in Foundation Stage.  Our whole school approach to the teaching and learning of Forest School’s involves the following:


  • Teachers will adopt a multi-sensory child-centred approach to learning whereby planning will integrate strategies that will meet all learning styles.
  • Foundation stage staff will ensure children are able to participate in Forest School activities as part of a focused adult-led activity or a child-led activity during continuous provision.
  • Children will be encouraged to become independent thinkers, creative, imaginative and curious by asking questions about their environment.
  • Children will learn to problem solve, share ideas and to respect others thoughts by undertaking a range of fun group work activities team building activities.
  • Pupils are encouraged to share their learning through group cooperation and they are given regular feedback, which informs their future learning and ensures that every child has the opportunity to reach their potential.
  • Teachers will provide children with a rich and challenging environment, children will be encouraged to freely explore and to think creatively which helps them build their self-esteem and self-confidence



The hand-on approach at Horbury St Peter’s and Clifton Primary School results in a fun, engaging and holistic learning approach whereby children gain understanding of the world around them.  High quality teaching in the outdoor environment ensures children learn through varied and first hand experiences.