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1 ASH - Mrs Ward / Mrs Goodrich

Welcome to 1 ASH




Mrs Ward -

Mrs Goodrich -


You can find out what we are currently learning on our Curriculum Newsletter.




At our school we place a great importance on Reading and we would ask you to encourage your child to read their school reading book everyday and record this with a signature and a message if possible. Obviously reading stories to your child is still valuable and enjoyable for both children and parents.

Please return your child’s reading book to school everyday so that we can change the book if it has been read and also so that we can record if the child has read at school.


Reading Challenge

Each half term the children can earn raffle tickets each time they read 5 times with an adult. At the end of each half term a winner from each year group is then picked out.

We also set a class target each half term and our reward for reaching it is a new class book to share.


Home Learning

The children will all have login details for Mathletics, Reading Eggs and EdShed which can be found in the front of their reading record. These can be accessed at home and the children can earn certificates for earning points or completing tasks.



This half term we have PE lessons on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The children should wear their PE kit to school on these days (white t-shirt, navy/black leggings or jogging bottoms, a hoody or jumper and trainers/pumps). It should be labelled with your child’s name please. You may also wish to send a waterproof jacket on these days.

We also do daily physical activity in the form of a Daily Mile or an indoor exercise (e.g. BBC Supermovers or Go Noodle) to get our bodies moving as much as possible.


Drinks and Snacks

We ask the children to drink water at regular intervals during the day so please provide them with a named, durable water bottle (water only, not juice). A fruit or vegetable snack is provided everyday for the children which they eat at morning playtime. You can send your child with their own piece of fruit or vegetable if you so wish but no other snacks are suitable, thank you.

And lastly, thank you for your support and if you have any questions or would like a chat, please catch a member of staff at the beginning or end of the day.


Thank you,

Mrs Ward, Mrs Goodrich and Mrs Endicott

Pontefract Castle

We had a lovely time at Pontefract Castle. You can view all our photos here.



Tree Guardians

Tree Guardians at work - we have been looking after 'Woody' this week and giving the baby trees a good drink - they need it in this dry weather.


PE - Cricket Superstars

We are loving our new topic of Cricket and are developing some good throwing and catching skills!



Science - Are all hard materials dull?

We had lots of fun and learnt lots of new vocabulary describing the properties of materials this week. Can your child spot any materials and describe their properties at home? We loved the words 'transparent' and 'opaque'. We worked together to sort the materials into groups.


The Boy who cried Wolf

As part of our school SPIRIT, we are looking at Trust this half term. In our class collective worship we looked at the story of 'The Boy Who Cried Wolf' and acted it out to help retell it. I think the children have really got the emotions right of the boy and the villagers, here!


History Hot-seating!

We finished off our History Sea-sides topic by hot-seating children and asking them questions to find out whether they had gone on holiday in the present day or in the Victorian era. We were impressed by how much they had learnt and remembered! 


Tennis 1

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Tennis 2

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Tennis 3

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Tennis 4

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Tennis 5

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Tennis 6

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Terrific Tennis - Year 1 have worked really hard to develop our tennis skills. We finished our unit on Tennis this week and built up to serving a tennis ball to a partner and trying to return it. It was very tricky but we all persevered and our skills have come on really well.


In Art we have been developing our pencil skills so that we can make our own wave picture inspired by Hokusai's 'Great Wave'.


Grouping Animals

We have been learning about the different types of animal groups (Mammals, Reptiles, Birds, Fish, Amphibians and Invertebrates) and sorting animals into these groups. We were very impressed with the vocabulary the children have learnt and were able to use.


We took part in a litter survey and litter pick in and around our local area. We found lots of litter in our school grounds and then carried out a survey of litter along the High Street in Horbury. we were quite sad and shocked at how much litter we found and we all want to do something about it. We also read 'Planet full of Plastic' - a book which showed us how much plastic is on our planet and what it can do to our wildlife and our oceans. Ask your child all about how we can help.


Year 1 have been designing and making a healthy salad. We started by tasting a range of salads. The children were very good at tasting them and saying what they liked about them. We were especially proud of children having a go at tasting things that were new to them! We then learnt and practised some safe chopping skills (the claw and the bridge) and grating and peeling skills - lots of concentration! After doing this the children designed their own salad and wrote instructions for how to make it. Finally we made our own healthy salads and ate them! Yum!


Woody has been officially named!

On Monday we officially named our Woodland 'Woody'. A beautiful plaque was revealed and a special Jubilee Tree planted by the winner of the naming competition. Thank you to all those involved. We now need our Tree Guardians in Year 1 to keep looking after our baby trees as they grow.


How do animals keep warm in the cold Poles? - We found out how blubber keeps animals warm by testing out how long we could keep our hands in icy water. Ellie managed to keep her bare hand in the water for 2:09 minutes, but the hand covered in blubber for an amazing 16 minutes!


Northern Lights

We looked at the Northern Lights and the children came up with some wonderful verbs to describe how they moved.


Geography - Weather

We had great fun exploring and comparing weather in the UK with Antarctica this week.


Music - Chime bars

We loved getting some chime bars out to accompany our song.


Maths - Measuring mass and weight

Little Wandle

We have started our new Little Wandle phonics scheme and we are really enjoying our new lessons. On a Friday we practise all our new learning from the week and write a sentence independently. Look at our amazing sentences writing. 


We had our very first Hockey lesson with our coach last week. It was very exciting. We played a game of copy my leader, then worked with partners to teach each other how to hold the hockey stick correctly. We were so impressed with the team work! Then we played a game following each other getting points by touching the cones. We loved Mr McKenna's top tips and can't wait for next week's lesson.


Dreams & Goals

We started our new PSHE Jigsaw unit this week of Dreams and Goals. We all worked as a team to pass round a box of treasure without it making a sound. Then we all shared an achievement we were proud of. 


World Book Day

You can view all of our photos from the day here.


Maths - Length & Height

We have been comparing lengths and heights and using fantastic maths vocabulary. Can you try comparing length and height at home?


English - The Emperor's Egg

We have been studying 'The Emperor's Egg'. We have learnt lots of facts and are building up to writing a report about them. The male penguin is 1.3m tall - that's about the same size as us! Here's some pictures of us drawing life-size penguins, asking questions about them and pretending to be penguins waddling and huddling!


We have been counting in 2s ad 5s this week. Any practise at home with this would be great!


We enjoyed colour mixing primary colours to make secondary colours.


Safer Internet Day

On Safer Internet Day yesterday we talked about what information was safe to share online and what information should be kept private. The children thought very carefully about why certain things shouldn't be shared. Please talk about this with your children. We read a great story about Digiduck. You can read it with them too...

Science Day

We would just like to say a massive thank you and well done to all of the families for putting in such a brilliant effort with costumes and outfits for Science Day. We were very impressed, not only by the quality and range of costumes but by how much the children knew about different scientists! Fantastic! Thank you.


Here's our class picture, but you can see all the Science Day photos here.


Science - We have started our Supersenses topic. We worked out which parts of our bodies were associated with each sense and then explored our senses in order to answer the question "Which sense is best to help us detect food?" 


Art - We started our Art unit on Piet Mondrian by looking at primary colours and then making our own piece of art inspired by his piece 'Trafalgar Square'.


Maths - To start our work on addition and subtraction we played a game to practise mentally adding by counting on.


English - We loved Michael Rosen's poem "Chocolate Cake", especially when we saw him perform it himself!



Children in Need

We have had a great day dressing up and raising money for Children in Need.


We had a visit from Roger Parkinson from the Woodland Trust who taught us all about the importance of trees. We learnt lots and had fun. Ask your child to tell you why trees are important. We are going to become tree guardians and teach everyone else in school how wonderful and important trees are. Roger is going to come back later in the winter to help us to plant 52 trees in our mini woodland. 


Art - Painting the Seasons

We've started reading a new book called 'Squirrel's Busy Year'. It's helped us to think about seasons and how they differ throughout the year. Can you spot some signs of Autumn with your child? What is your or their favourite season and why? One activity has been painting a tree in different seasons...


We walked to the park and used our knowledge of directions to help us get there. We looked at the different types of trees in the park and their leaves. There were lots of signs of Autumn for us to spot. We found lots of conkers and sycamore keys and saw lots of busy squirrels!

We also had another go at some outdoor art with the things we found. It was a lot of fun!


Year One walked up to St Peter's church. We were excited to see inside. We did a church trail where we found out about lots of things that are a special part of the church such as the font, the altar and the pews. We talked about why a church is an important place to Christians and how it is a community. We really enjoyed our visit.


Year 1 had so much fun on our Art Day looking at Andy Goldsworthy. We learnt about the artist and how he makes sculptures outside using natural things. We then visited an 'Art Gallery' showing some of his work and discussed what we thought about it, recording our ideas in our Art Sketchbooks. To finish off we went outdoors and made our own Goldsworthy inspired art. We had so much fun!

Science - making a working tree!

In Science, we were learning the parts of a tree by making a working tree as a whole class. Ask your children if they can remember and point out the different parts and what they do. Sound effects definitely help with the explanation!!! 😁


Maths - Finding pairs to 10

PE - We have loved working with our PE coaches to learn rugby skills.

We have been so impressed with how well the children have settled into Year 1. They have all been working hard and playing hard! Here are some pictures of playtime, COOL (Choosing Our Own Learning) time, independent work at tables and some number work.