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Autumn Term 2019

Working with Apparatus

We have loved exploring the apparatus in PE. We have learnt how to hold a balance and how to use our squashy knees when we jump and land!


We have built upon our skills and are really good at bending our ankles, knees and hips and swinging our arms to get good height when 'flying'. We put together mini sequences starting and finishing in curled or stretched shapes, travelling and jumping and holding a finishing shape. We added some apparatus later on to get even more height.



We have been taught by a professional hockey coach in our PE sessions. We have learnt how to safely carry a hockey stick in the suitcase position, pass a ball using a push pass and a sweeping pass; we've also learnt how to not become 'bees around a honey pot' whilst playing in a match.



Children in UFS have enjoyed PE sessions with a sports coach this half term. The children have been developing a range of skills such as coordination, balancing, running, jumping, spatial awareness and changing direction.


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Picture 2
We have also tried to hop, jump and run through the squares on the ladders.