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1WF - Mrs Ward / Mrs Fawcett

Welcome to Class 1WF


Mrs Ward -

Mrs Fawcett -


Thank you for taking the time to look at our class page on our school website.



At our school we place a great importance on Reading and we would ask you to encourage your child to read their school reading book everyday and record this with a signature and a message if possible. Obviously reading stories to your child is still valuable and enjoyable for both children and parents.

Please return your child’s reading book to school everyday so that we can change the book if it has been read and also so that we can record if the child has read at school.


Reading Challenge

Each half term the children can earn raffle tickets each time they read 5 times with an adult. At the end of each half term a winner from each year group is then picked out.

We also set a class target each half term and our reward for reaching it is a new class book to share.


Home Learning

The children all have login details for Mathletics and Reading Eggs which can be found in the front of their reading record. These can be accessed at home and the children can earn certificates for earning points or completing tasks.



This half term we have PE lessons on Monday and Friday. Please send your child in their PE kit on PE days and they will stay in it all day. PE kit is white t-shirt, navy/black leggings or jogging bottoms, a hoody or jumper and trainers/pumps. It should be labelled with your child’s name please.

We also do daily physical activity in the form of a Daily Mile or an indoor exercise (e.g. BBC Supermovers or Go Noodle) to get our bodies moving as much as possible.


Drinks and Snacks

We ask the children to drink water at regular intervals during the day so please provide them with a named, durable water bottle (water only, not juice). A fruit or vegetable snack is provided everyday for the children which they eat at morning playtime. You can send your child with their own piece of fruit or vegetable if you so wish but no other snacks are suitable, thank you.


And lastly, thank you for your support and if you have any questions or would like a chat, please catch a member of staff at the beginning or end of the day.


Thank you,

Mrs Ward, Mrs Fawcett and Mrs Endicott

We have been inspired by Katsushika Hokusai's 'The Great Wave' and have practised skills with shading and line marking with pencils and blending with pastels and with watercolours. We then created our own Great Wave piece of art. The children have loved this topic and it has been lovely to see their individuality and personality shine through.

Euro 2020

Sports Day

You can view all the Year 1 Sports Day photos here.


We are using our knowledge of 2D shapes and their properties to find, make and describe irregular 2D shapes. We had fun in a game describing a shape to our partner sat back to back for them to draw it just from the description of it's properties.

We have started our new topic by asking Geographical questions to find out where Mrs Ward had been on her holiday. The children were great at coming up with questions and worked out that I'd been to the Seaside on holiday in Whitby! 


Science - Food investigations

We had great fun testing out lots of our questions about food that had fallen into the sea. The children came up with so many great questions and predictions about what might happen with great scientific reasons. 

PE - Basketball

We are enjoying working with our Aces Coach again this term and have started practising skills to play Basketball.

Having learnt all about castles this half term we have been learning skills to help us to build a model of a castle. We have learnt how to make towers and turrets, walls with ramparts and drawbridges. 

We have loved the work on capacity. We estimated and ordered the capacity of containers and tested our predictions. We then read scales with Miss Critchett to work out how much liquid filled different containers.

Maths - Fractions

We worked on fractions and one of the activities was finding fractions in real life. We had to find an object that was half or a quarter the size of another object.


Science - Materials

We carried out a fair test, using our knowledge of materials and their properties, to find the best way to keep a queen dry in the rain. We had great fun and were all brilliant at using our science vocabulary and predicting using our scientific knowledge. We loved the fact that we could be real scientists testing out our ideas and hypotheses and were surprised by some of our results. Some children wanted to test their ideas out again at home!😁

Making Catapults

We had lots of fun making catapults and then doing pattern seeking investigations.

England does the Daily Mile

We had great fun doing our Daily Mile! You can view all the photos here.

History - Castles

To help us understand why castles were built from wood and then stone, we 'built' our own wooden castle and tried to knock it down. It was very easy so we then tried to knock down a stone wall in the same way. Ask us to tell you why castles were made from one or the other material.

We had lots of fun exploring the properties of materials!


Working together to sort words according to how they are spelt.


Art - Castle & Sun Pictures

The children made pictures of castles inspired by Paul Klee's picture 'Castles and Sun'.


We have been playing games to help us understand the value of numbers in Maths.

Science - Sorting materials

We have started our Science topic of Materials by identifying the materials toys are made from and sorting them into groups.

We celebrated the Easter Story with some Art - Finger print crosses and stick crosses.

Maths - Phonics games

PE - Movement and Dodging skills

In PE we are working on developing our movement and dodging skills. We played follow my leader type games where children had to observe then copy their partner carefully altering their movement and speed. We then practised dodging skills by bending our knees to help us turn and keeping our eyes on other children. After this we played some dodging games. The children worked hard to practise their skills and had great fun!

World Book Day

Christmas Performance

You can watch our video here.

Science - Nature Detectives

We have been out and about being nature detectives, this week looking for animals or signs of animals that visit our school grounds. We had great fun searching for animals and clues. We saw a squirrel, some crows but we found clues in the mud and feathers to show us what animals visit our school. We then found and sorted some pictures into groups of animals that we would and wouldn't find around our school. Super scientists! Because we were having so much fun, we decided to stay and play in the secret field for playtime! What a lovely afternoon.

Andy Goldsworthy Art Work

Nature Detectives

We have started our new topic of 'Nature Detectives' and went out with our spotter sheets identifying different types of trees in our school grounds. We found Cherry, Sycamore, Holly, Hawthorn, Ash, Horse Chestnut and Beech.

We had great fun with our new PE coach moving about in lots of different ways and even pretending to be different animals!

We spent the day exploring our 5 senses. We had lots of fun using our sense of taste!

PE - Ball skills & Teamwork

We were very proud of the children's determination and perseverance with ball skills. We loved the children's teamwork cheering on and encouraging each other.


Harvest Festival

Please visit the Video Resource Centre to watch our Harvest Festival.


Reading Record achieved!

Thank you so much to everyone's efforts at home with reading! We can see the children making lovely progress already. We set ourselves a class target of 60 raffle tickets (1 ticket given to each child for every 5 books they've read) and we have reached it! Woohoo! The prize was a new story book for the class. Mrs Ward bought Julia Donaldson's new book 'The Hospital Dog' which everyone loved. Well done everyone. Let's keep up the fantastic work! 😊

We have been working hard to learn our number bonds to 10. We used equipment and played a game. In outdoor learning we loved putting our wellies and waterproofs on, going out in the rain and going to the 'secret field'. We found lots of pictures and sorted them into groups to compare the city and the countryside.

Painting, tasting oatcakes and measuring length

Today in Outdoor Learning we went out looking for signs of Autumn and started to identify the different types of trees in our school grounds. Some signs we spotted were: puddles, rainy weather, leaves changing colour and falling off trees, berries and nuts and chilly weather. Can you spot some signs at home?

Oh so busy in our class!

We have continued our topic of Me on the Map and have looked at the United Kingdom and our flag. In Science we started to learn about our senses and which parts of our bodies we use for sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch. We then went on a senses scavenger hunt as part of our outdoor learning. We had so much fun using our different senses and especially enjoyed sitting quietly listening to all the sounds around us. We had fun learning new games in PE - Haunted House, Cars and Raid the Biscuit tin. And we still managed time to fit in some colour mixing in Art. We mixed primary colours to make secondary colours. The children have all shown such great enthusiasm. We are very proud!

Super Mathematicians! Working hard with equipment to understand the value of numbers.

Science - Parts of our bodies

We have had lots of fun identifying and naming different parts of our bodies by singing 'Heads, Shoulders, Knees & Toes', labelling one of our class members in the playground and then playing Simon Says. Some children then wanted to practise their skills independently and labelled each other at playtime. Wonderful!

Super mathematicians and independent readers

The children have settled so well into our class and we are all so proud of them. Here are some pictures of some super mathematicians and some children choosing to read in our reading areas.