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Teaching Methods and Approaches


In lessons we use concrete, pictorial and abstract teaching. Resources must be available to all children when beginning an area in maths.


In Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 these resources must always be out for the children to use. This then progresses to them being available for children to select and use if they need to (years 3, 4, 5 and 6)


  •  Numicon equipment is used to enable reception and KS1 pupils are confident with number bonds. These are also used as an intervention programme for children in KS2, who still struggle with this area.
  •  Bar modelling should be used when appropriate
  •  Concrete, abstract, pictorial and calculations should be evident in books
  •  Fluency should be evident in books, followed by extended learning with GD white rose maths hub tasks.
  •  Children may work individually on a task, in pairs or in a small group, depending on the nature of the activity.
  •  A progression through calculation has been agreed. The mental and written methods taught are exemplified in the Calculation Policy.
  •  ICT is used where appropriate by teachers and pupils to support teaching and learning in Mathematics.
  •  Mathletics was launched in September 2015 and all classes have a maths ICT session to complete this. Children will also be encouraged to work on this at home. We have an assembly from the team every year to boost the use of mathletics and certificates are available weekly.


Concrete, Pictorial & Abstract method

Throughout our school we use the concrete, pictorial, abstract method to allow our pupils to develop a deep understanding of maths and encourage mastery learning. 


A 'Find Out Friday' challenge - helping 3 monkeys work out how many nuts they got each.


Y3 children working on multiplication and division, further images on 3DS class page.


Children in Upper Foundation measuring how far they could jump with sticks!