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0AM/0PM - Miss Hill

Welcome to Lower Foundation Stage


In our lower foundation stage we have up to 26 children in two sessions; one in the morning from 8:30-11:30and the afternoon session from 12:00-3:00.


The staff members are Miss Hill the teacher, Mrs Davys the Nursery Nurse and Mrs Pap the Learning Support Assistant.

We are learning through exploring, investigating and playing. The day is broken up into sessions and includes phonics, maths and story done in groups and free play sessions. During the free play sessions, all staff work with the children to achieve objectives that are focused and unique to each child.


Whilst your child is on their exciting journey through lower foundation stage they will be developing their self help skills and independence. You can help them with this by encouraging them to :-


  • Put on their own coats and zip them up
  • Find their own coat, bag and accessories such as hats, gloves and water bottles
  • Be independent at going to the toilet
  • Recognise their name


We ask that you send your child with a water bottle that only includes plain water and is named along with their book bag every day. If your child is going to require spare clothes please put them in a named bag. If your child requires help with toileting please see Miss Hill or Mrs Davys.


We kindly ask parents to leave their child with a member of staff at the Nursery door who will then support your child to place their belongings on their peg.




This half term we are learning ‘All about me’. We have been making new friends and talking about our family. We have enjoyed painting portraits of ourselves and looking at photographs of different families.

This week in Lower Foundation we have been discussing 'People Who Help Us' in our community.  We have explored the role of a firefighter and have discussed fire safety.  We know that we must call 999 if we need help. 

We have been very busy creating a fire engine using different media and materials.  First, we mixed yellow and red together to create orange for the fire. Next, we selected shapes and arranged them to create a fire engine. Then, we stuck down a firefighter, yarn for the hose and paint for the water.