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5/6DE - Mrs Ellis

In Year 5/6, we encourage the children to be organised and prepared for each school day. Within these year groups we aim to develop their independence and organisational skills further. We appreciate your continued support in every aspect of your child’s learning.




Maths homework is set on a Thursday to be due back in school the following Thursday.

Every child has a log in for Mathletics and will be set weekly activities to complete. They should try to access the activities set as often as possible.

As a school we are focusing on ensuring all children know their times tables up to 12x12 and your help will be much appreciated with this as times table knowledge is essential and relied upon in many aspects of maths.




English homework is set on a Friday and is due back in school on the following Friday.

Spelling homework is set on Monday and these need to be learnt throughout the week and brought back to school the following Monday.

Reading records need to be in school every day and taken home every night so the children can read for at least 10 minutes a day with an adult. If they read to themselves, they must write a comment in their reading book so we can see that they have read independently.



Physical Education

In P.E. the children will be benefitting from specialised coaching during Friday’s PE session. PE kits need to be available in school on a Monday and Friday. Monday sessions require an indoor kit and Friday sessions require an outdoor kit.

Kit required for P.E:

Boys - White T-shirt and black shorts and trainers or pumps for outdoor games during summer and winter months. Warm navy/black tracksuit for outdoor games during the winter months.

Girls - White T-shirt, black shorts or cycling shorts (not nylon or lycra) and trainers or pumps for outdoor games during summer and winter months. Warm navy/black tracksuit for outdoor games during the winter months.

Please note earrings must be removed for PE or covered by tape provided by the parent.


Displays around our Class

Maths - Volume of cubes and cuboids

The children are learning about volume this week in maths. They are counting the cm cubes to find the volume of cubes and cuboids.


Science - Earth, Sun and Moon study

In science we are studying the Earth, Sun and Moon. We have learnt about the solar system, day and night and how the seasons occur.


English - Writing a mountain adventure

In English, the children have been writing an adventure story set on a mountain. They have presented their work to a high standard.


P.E - Problem Solving

In games, we have a coach that is setting problem solving activities for the children. They are encouraged to work carefully as a team.


RE - Making an Easter cross

In RE we are watching a DVD about the Easter Story and making an Easter Cross. Each week we add an illustration about the next part of the story so these are not finished yet.


World Book Day 2019


Eden Camp


We had a great time at Eden Camp learning about life during World War 2.

Click below to see our photos :-

Anderson Shelters


The children were asked to design and draw a plan of a high quality Anderson shelter on paper.

Children brought boxes and other items from home to create their own model of an Anderson shelter with excellent results.

Messy Science Investigation!


A messy scientist made a messy mixture of solids and liquids, but he isn't worried because he knows you will help him to separate them.


The children had to decide what equipment they needed to separate a mixture of pasta, rice, paper clips, sand and sugar water solution. They had a choice of a sieve, colander, funnel, filter paper and magnets.


They had a lot of fun finding out and then recording their findings