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AM/PM ACORNS - Miss Hill

Welcome to Lower Foundation Stage


Miss Hill -

In our Lower Foundation Stage we have up to 26 children in two sessions; one in the morning from 8:30-11:30am and the afternoon session from 12:00-3:00pm.


The staff members are Miss Hill the teacher and Mrs Davys the Nursery Nurse.


Our children learn through exploring, investigating and playing. The day is broken up into sessions and includes phonics, maths and storytime in groups and free play sessions. During the free play sessions, all staff work with the children to achieve objectives that are focused and unique to each child.


Whilst your child is on their exciting journey through Lower Foundation Stage they will be developing their self-help skills and independence. You can help them with this by encouraging them to:


  • Be independent at going to the toilet
  • Put on their own coats and zip them up
  • Put on their own shoes/wellies
  • Find their own coat, bag and accessories such as hats, gloves and water bottles
  • Recognise their name


Every child has a named coat peg and they are encouraged to place their belongings on their peg independently.  Please could parents refrain from entering the cloakroom.


The children are encouraged throughout the day to drink water to ensure they are well hydrated. Please send your child to school with a named water bottle.

Please note these should not be filled with juice/flavoured water.



Your child should wear uniform which follows our school policy. In Foundation Stage your child will need appropriate clothing all year round for outdoor play. In winter, please make sure you send your child to school with a waterproof coat, hat, scarves and gloves.

In summer, please send your child with a sun hat and with their sun cream having already been applied at home.


It is a good idea to send a pair of wellies to school with your child for all year round as we will use them daily when playing on the grass, in the mud kitchen and for water play.

Please remember to label ALL items of clothing and shoes as this will help return lost property as soon as possible.


If your child is going to require spare clothes please put them in a named bag. If your child requires help with toileting please see Miss Hill or Mrs Davys.




Every child receives a book bag when they attend Nursery. We politely that these are brought daily for their pictures, information letters and reading book. 


Every Friday your child will choose a book and have the opportunity to take this home for the week. We kindly ask that reading books are returned every Friday in their book bags please.


Polite notice:

Please could parents/children refrain from placing water bottles inside their book bags as reading books are likely to get water damage and these are costly to replace. Thank you.


Learning Journey

The Foundation stage staff continually observe the children in the setting and celebrate their wonderful progress. We share this progress on the Evidence Me app. Please ensure school have an up to date email address for you to receive these updates. We hope you look forward to seeing what they have been up to!


50 Things to do before you're 5 Challenge

In Foundation Stage, we are doing the ‘50 Things To Do Before You're Five’ Challenge. We will complete challenges and update you with our progress.     

We hope that the activities will be lots of fun for the children and completing it will contribute to their learning experiences.  Click here to see our progress. 


We hope your child enjoys their time in Lower Foundation Stage. If you have any concerns or queries, please don’t hesitate to speak to a member of staff in the Foundation Stage Unit.


Fine Motor Challenges

Fine motor skills are very important as they allow children to perform everyday tasks such as dressing themselves, writing, feeding themselves, grasping objects etc.  Every term children will be given fine motor activity challenges to complete at home.  Please encourage your child and enjoy the activities together :-

Phase 1 Phonics


Phase 1 - Letters and Sounds

In our Nursery we currently use Phase 1- Letters and Sounds materials to support and enhance children's early phonics skills. There are seven aspects to Phase 1 which we plan to cover during your child's time with us. The document is really useful and contains lots of information, helpful games and activities which can be carried out at home.   Please see the document to support your child's phonological awareness. 

Class Acorn's had a wonderful day celebrating their recent topic 'Teddy Bears' with a special 'Teddy Bears' Picnic'.  The children made their own sandwiches by spreading butter on the bread and they made their own choice of either ham, cheese or jam.  They also made their own bear shaped biscuits. We enjoyed mixing butter, flour and sugar together using our fingers.  To finish, the children decorated these with raisons and ate them all up. They were delicious!  Big thank you to all parents who could be there to help and join us for this very special day. 


Earth Day

On Earth Day, Nursery planted grass seeds and wildflower seeds in our environment.  We discussed the importance of recycling paper, plastic and metal and the why it is important to put litter in the bin to protect our planet. 


We tried pancakes on Shrove Tuesday and topped them with either strawberry jam or lemon juice. We then had a vote of which topping was our favourite.



Pond visit

Class Acorns are learning about the life cycle of a frog. In our forest school activity, they visited the pond on our school grounds and observed froglets.  We discussed the term 'camouflage' as we found it difficult to identify the frogs amongst the pond plants.   


We found a caterpillar!

Our afternoon children found a fuzzy brown caterpillar in the outdoors.  They worked as a team to discuss the best way to keep the caterpillar safe. 


Maths - Supertato

We really liked rescuing the 'Supertato' characters in our maths area.  We had to count the number of dots shown on the character and find the matching numicon and key to release them. 


We have been reading 'Supertato' and we discussed the importance of eating fruits and vegetables in our diets.  We tried cooked leeks, carrots and cauliflower.  We used our senses to describe how they taste, smell and feel.


Mud kitchen, mud paintings & dens

Nursery children have really enjoyed learning in the outdoor area. We recently added a new mud kitchen into our playground where we have made recipes using natural resources.  We have also been making mud paintings, bird feeders and dens.  We have been coming up with fantastic ideas on how to use cardboard boxes that we have recycled to use in imaginative play. We have made trains, planes, houses, dens, boats etc. 


This term in Class Acorns, we enjoyed exploring Winter at the beginning of our new topic.  The children wanted to go on a winter walk to find ice and frost in our outdoor area.  In provision, we made 'fake snow' and observed the changes as we mixed ingredients together. We discussed the importance of keeping safe during winter by wearing warm clothing. 



Still image for this video
Class Acorns have enjoyed practising the chant and actions for 'Superworm'.

Pudsey Bear

We had lots of fun collecting yellow leaves in our small woodland. We then created Pudsey Bear for Children in Need!  We worked as a team by suggesting ideas and helping one another find leaves.


Busy Fingers

Class Acorns are developing their cutting skills in our 'Busy Fingers' activity.  We went on a leaf hunt to find different sized leaves and we cut them in small pieces to make leafy herbs for our mud kitchen.  We then made leaf confetti using the shape punchers.  They did such a fantastic job!".  Please continue to support your child's cutting skills at home.


Nursery Rhyme Week - Row, Row, Row your boat

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Woodland Wandering

As part of our new topic 'Into the Woods', class Acorns went on tree hunt around the school grounds.  We compared different trees and their leaves and we learned new vocabulary such as bark, trunk, Rowan, berries Horse Chestnut, conifer, leaves, Autumn, season, path. 


Acorns were lucky to be visited by West Yorkshire Police as part of our topic 'When I grow up'.  They were very excited to talk to police officers and had a turn at sitting at the front of a police car.  We tried on a range of different police helmets. We liked the loud siren! 


Gross Motor Skills

Acorn class have been developing their shoulder and core muscles needed for writing during a fine and gross motor skills activity. 

Lower Foundation have had a wonderful time celebrating who they would like to be when they grow up.  We had children who wanted to become doctors, princesses, a race car driver, an arborist, a teacher, a spaceman, a vet and a farmer.  

Flashing Fire Engines

Lower Foundation have read all about 'Flashing Fire Engines' by Tony Mitten and Ant Parker.  We explored colour mixing to create the fire using our hands. We then described the shapes and created a fire engine.  We learned that fire officers extinguish fire using a hose pipe.  We explored our classroom and talked about fire extinguishers, smoke alarms and fire alarms.