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Upper Foundation (0HB & 0KB)

Home Learning Activities  


*** UPDATED - New Activity added below ***  (30th Mar 2020)

We hope you are all keeping well and enjoying the home learning activities.  After the Easter holidays we will update the home leaning activities to help keep your child busy with their learning.  New activities will be added each week so please keep checking.  These will include mathematics, literacy and topic activities to cover learning for the half term.


Below is a new website link to develop phonics skills: 




  • Begin reading the Easter Story, then :
  • Order 4 pictures/look at the book from the story and verbally talk about the events.  Write key words to go with each picture.
  • Extend this learning by writing sentences to match each picture.
  • Read lots of books and discuss their setting, characters and events
  • Retell stories using props
  • Make story props
  • Write regularly – name, phonics words, tricky words, captions, stories




  • Patterns – Repeating patterns and symmetrical patterns
  • Sharing and halving – use objects to practise sharing equally/practise halving using shapes and quantities
  • Distance – use cars/balls to roll. Measure the distance they have travelled using non-standard measurement e.g. footsteps/twigs. Use language such as; far, near, further, close. Then use measuring equipment such as a ruler or tape measure to see how many cm the distance is.
  • Capacity – use cups/measuring jugs to experiment with different capacities. Use language such as; full, half-full, empty, fill.
  • Recap 2d and 3d shapes – name the shapes and discuss their properties. Use language such as sides, corners/vertices, faces
  • Addition/subtraction – Use objects to add/subtract a number. Use a number line to count upwards or backwards to find the answer. Extend this learning with missing number problems such as; 5+?=10
  • Time – use a clock to practise recognising and making 0’clock and Half past times
  • Number recognition and counting
  • Say one more or one less than a number



Understanding the World: (Resources on cbeebies for Easter)

  • Why do we celebrate Easter? Show the children a video clip of the Easter story/Read the story. Discuss with the children what happened in the story; ask if the children can recap key parts of the story.  What are their family experiences of celebrating Easter? Talk about how they may differ from other children.



Expressive arts and design:

  • Make an Easter basket
  • Decorate an egg
  • Make an Easter card for family
  • Baking
  • Den making
  • Dress up and role play
  • Gardening



RE:  Where do we belong?

  • Retell religious stories and make connections with personal experiences.
  • Share occasions that have made us feel special.
  • Find out what happens at a traditional Christian baptism.
  • Find out what happens when a baby is welcomed into Islam.
  • Compare celebrations.


Physical development:

  • Take regular breaks throughout the day to get fresh air and exercise in your garden.
  • Use websites such as gonoodle and cosmic yoga to exercise.
  • Keep practising letter formation.
  • Use play dough, threading, jigsaws to support fine motor development.
  • Practise throwing and catching a ball.
  • Travel in different ways – skipping, hopping, jumping



Communication and Language:

  • Read lots of stories and discuss the characters, setting and events
  • Draw pictures and discuss what you have drawn
  • Dress up and role play




Useful Website Links – useful for maths, phonics and literacy resources – useful for maths games – phonics games and activities – free during this period. USERNAME: march20     PASSWORD: home  – phonics resources – free  - fun interactive sessions to keep you moving! - moving and learning at the same time


YouTube - cosmic yoga – relaxing yoga stories for children to join in – creative ideas for all ages  


We hope that you and your families stay well over this time

The Foundation Stage team.