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Year 5/6 (5/6MA, 5/6HG & 5/6DE)

Home Learning Activities


We have provided the children with the number of activities which we would like them to complete to continue their learning at home. Please work through as much as you can.

*** UPDATED - New Activities added below ***  (30th Mar 2020)

Hello everyone!

We hope that you are keeping safe and well!

As Easter is just around the corner we thought you might like some more Easter inspired activities to complete over the next few weeks. If you do create/make/complete any of the activities, we would love to hear from you and see lots of photos!


Miss Allatt, Mrs Ellis and Mrs Goodrich




*** UPDATED - New Activities added below ***  (24th Mar 2020)





  • TTRock Stars - By the end of year 4, every child should know their times tables up to 12 x 12. The children can continue to learn these by heart by chanting them, singing them or writing them down. Every child has access to TT Rockstars which is an online resource to practise times tables. Logins for TTRock Stars can be found in your child’s reading record. The school postcode is WF4 5BE.
  • Mathletics – Your child also has a login for Mathletics in their reading records and a number of activities will be set which correspond to the work we have covered in school.
  • CGP books – Year 6 children have access to revision books which are an excellent guide to all maths topics. The children can continue to revise a section of maths and complete the questions at the end of each section to test their understanding as they have been previously doing. Once finished, all answers can be checked at the back of the book.
  • Mental Arithmetic – Each child has a selection of arithmetic questions to complete. These can be completed on the sheet.




  • Reading - Read a variety of books including your school book and any library/books from home. Keep up daily reading and continue to record this in reading record books as usual.
  • Spellings - Learn your current spellings. You may also revise all other spellings from your spelling book. Select 10 previous spellings at a time to learn and use look, cover, write and check method and then test your child on these.
  • Comprehension - Every child has a selection of comprehension activities appropriate to their year group. Please answer all sections from ‘Understanding the Text’ to ‘Exploring the poem’. If you have access to a dictionary at home, this will help with ‘Looking at language’ but is not always essential. Sometimes the ‘Taking it further’ question may be appropriate to answer as well.
  • Grammar - There are a number of grammar sheets, each covering an element of grammar which we have learnt in school.




  • Our current topic is ‘Our Country’. We are currently learning all about London and would like the children to complete a leaflet on London focusing on information about famous attractions. Consider how to make the leaflet bright, bold and exciting and clear to the reader.




  • Listen to a different piece of music every day. Ask yourself these questions: Do you like it? What instruments are used? What is the tempo – slow, in between or fast? What are the dynamics – loud, moderately loud or quiet? What is the structure of the piece? Chorus, intro, verse, bridge, instrumental.




  • Study an English artist and draw and colour a picture in their artistic style.




  • Remember to be active. Go outside and play! Set up and make your own games, ride your bike, skip etc.



Useful Website Links


  • Twinkl- they are offering FREE ultimate membership to all teachers, parents and carers for a month. Their website is jam packed with excellent resources for all areas of the curriculum.

Use code: UKTWINKLHELPS to gain access.


  • Maths


  • English!/ - 3000 free ebooks and audio books



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