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2GN Latest Challenge

Challenge 7 - Magic Trick


Can you learn a magic trick like Mr Rosamond's?

Still image for this video

Challenge 6 - Send Mr Rosamond an email

Challenge 6: Mr Rosamond is missing you all terribly (not quite as much as me though!) Can you send him a little email to say hello? He’s been having barbecues by the looks of things! 

Challenge 5 - Baking

Challenge 5: Have a go at baking something. I baked carrot cake buns and they were delicious!


Mr Rosamond says his cakes look better than mine! What do you think?! 



Challenge 4 - Look at old photo's

Challenge 4: Spend time with your grown up looking through photographs from when you were little. Bet you can’t guess who this is... 


Challenge 3 - How many times can you bounce a ball?

Grab yourself a tennis racket and ball (I had to use a ping pong paddle!) and see how many times you can bounce that ball! I managed 112. Can you beat me?


Keep sending lots of lovely pictures and messages everyone!

Challenge 2 - Can you jump as high as me?

Thank you to all the boys and girls for your wonderful pillow forts!


Challenge 2: Have a go at completing The Joe Wicks workout. Live at 9am every morning on the Body Coach YouTube channel. Bet you can’t jump as high as me! 

Challenge 1 - Build a Pillow Fort