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At St Peter’s & Clifton we aim to make the school a place where children can explore the world of science and their curiosity can be let loose! We aim to teach topics in an interactive, fun and memorable way. Children are encouraged to think and work scientifically, which is a major part of the curriculum and is at the heart of every science topic. We see investigations as the driving force of science teaching and learning. Science is embedded throughout the curriculum to ensure the children are taught the skills and knowledge they need for the future. 



Primary Science is split into scientific enquiry and scientific knowledge. To help children learn the different aspects of Science Enquiry, teachers use, reference and display the five types (observing over time; fair testing; identifying and classifying; pattern seeking and researching) as characters. Please see the attached document to see the posters. We follow the National Curriculum which splits the scientific knowledge into different year groups. 


To see the progression of scientific knowledge and scientific enquiry through school please see the attached documents. You can also look at the whole school long term plan which details which topics are taught in which terms. 

Investigating Plants

Y1 have been looking closely at plants and labelling their parts. The children were fascinated by what they looked like under the microscope!


Shadow Investigations

Children in Year 5/6 carried out a science investigation - Is the size of the shadow affected when the light source is moved? 


Defrosting Hands!

We wanted to know how we defrost our frozen hands if we were to get too cold... we placed ice hands in different places around our school. We used our new data loggers to find the accurate temperature in the different places. Some of us were surprised to find that the quickest way to warm up was in warm water. It didn't work wrapping them up as we found out that kept the hands cold!


Polar habitats

Our Y1 children have been exploring how animals are adapted to live in polar habitats. We used our science skills. Our winner managed to keep his hand in the icy water for 51 seconds but with the hand covered in 'blubber' he managed an impressive 9 minutes!!!


Nature Detectives - Making bird feeders

In our nature detectives science topic we have made bird feeders and put them in our school ground to attract the wildlife at our school.


Autumn Walk - Studying Leaves

In Y2, we went on an Autumn walk. We were on the hunt for the leaves of different trees that grow in the United Kingdom. The children examined the leaves carefully, and we even made friends with a little frog who calls our wild area home!



Investigating materials



Science Day, 2018


The whole school took part in a range of exciting activities as part of Science Day on Tuesday 9th October, 2018 on the theme ‘Our Planet’.


Children in Foundation Stage learnt all about Space, the stars and the weather. Years 1 & 2 were also learning all about Space and they carried out an investigation to find out which material would make the best space suit. Children in KS2 were focussing on protecting our planet. Years 3 & 4 looked at the effects of Palm Oil production have on rainforests while Years 5 & 6 were looking at plastic in our oceans. The children in Years 1 to 6 were also fortunate enough to visit the planetarium where they had a wonderful, visual experience learning all about space, the planets and life on the International Space Station. All the children had a fantastic time!

Y4 Presentation on Orangutans (Science Day, Oct 2018)

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