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Sport and Physical Education

  "The School Games Mark is a Government-led award scheme launched,  facilitated by the Youth Sport Trust to reward and recognise school’s engagement (provision and uptake) in the School Games against a national benchmark and to celebrate keeping young people active, and we are delighted to have been recognised for our success"

- Mrs Barrett, PE Co-ordinator.




At Horbury St Peter’s and Clifton (VC) Primary School, we intend to instil the “St Peter’s and Clifton School Spirit”  in all our children. Physical Education throughout school embodies this Spirit in a positive and meaningful way.


  • Service – Our children are proud to represent their team, school or house by taking part in festivals and sports events within school, our pyramid, and the whole of West Yorkshire.
  • Perseverance – We never give up! Our children are challenged and engaged through a range of physical activities, challenges, games and events.
  • Inquisitive – Our children are offered a wide range a physical opportunities and encouraged to develop new skills and take risks.
  • Respectful – Respect is an integral part of any sport and physical activity. Our children are always keen to demonstrate ‘fair play.’
  • Inspirational – We are inspired by athletes and other sporting icons to be the best we can be.
  • Trust – We build trust in each other when we play as part of a team. Our children know they can count on each other.


We recognise the importance of PE and the role it has to play in promoting long term, healthy lifestyles. The intent of our PE curriculum is to provide all children with high quality PE, sport and physical activity.  It is our vision for every pupil to succeed and achieve their potential as well as to lead physically active lifestyles. We strive to inspire our pupils through fun and engaging PE lessons that are enjoyable, challenging and accessible to all. We want our pupils to appreciate the benefits of a healthy and physically active lifestyle. Through our teaching of PE, we will provide opportunities for pupils to develop values and transferrable life skills such as team work, fairness, respect, perseverance and self-belief as well as providing them with opportunities to take part in competitive sport. 


We fully adhere to the aims of the national curriculum for physical education to ensure that all children: 

  • develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities 
  • are physically active for sustained periods of time 
  • engage in competitive sports and activities 
  • Lead healthy, active lives. 




Pupils participate in weekly high quality PE and sporting activities.  Our PE curriculum incorporates a variety of sports to ensure all children develop the confidence and appreciation of their own abilities.  We provide opportunities for all children to engage in extra-curricular activities before, during and after school, in addition to competitive sporting events.  

At Horbury St Peters and Clifton we will:  

  • Deliver 2 PE sessions per week (indoor and outdoor) 
  • Plan for cross curriculum links.  
  • Allow children to experience competitive situations through competitions, in and outside of school. 
  • Demonstrate to children how to lead a healthy lifestyle and be good role models. 
  • All staff will display good subject knowledge in areas of PE which they deliver for the year group. 
  • All staff will differentiate, taking into account the needs of their children. 
  • All staff will continually assess formatively across each half term. 
  • Offer opportunities for staff to develop their CPD whereby they can work with experts in the field and learn from their work ethic and demonstrations of good practice. 
  • Offer a wide variety of extra -curricular clubs for children. 
  • Children will have the opportunity to represent school either for participation and fun or in a competitive context. 
  • Encourage non- active children within school to experience and take part in some type of physical activity and competition 
  • Celebrate sporting achievements regularly and where possible invite parents. 
  • Year 5 pupils will be given the best possibly opportunity to become confident swimmers and be safe in water. 



P.E is taught as a basis for lifelong learning, where the children have access to a wide range of activities in the belief that if taught well and the children are allowed to succeed, then they will continue to have a physically active life. A high-quality physical education curriculum inspires all children to succeed and excel in competitive sport and other physically-demanding activities. At Horbury St Peters and Clifton, we provide opportunities for children to become physically literate in a way which supports their health and fitness. Opportunities to compete in sport and other physical activities build character and help to embed the values of the St Peters and Clifton SPIRIT. 

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