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At Horbury St Peter’s and Clifton Primary School, we intend to instil the “St Peter’s and Clifton School Spirit”  in all our children. The teaching of geography in particular encourages our children to value the importance of :



as they recognise their place in our school, community, country and world, and develop a fascination in the people and places both within and beyond our locality.



All pupils:

  • Develop contextual knowledge of the location of globally significant places, including their defining physical and human characteristics
  • Become competent geographical explorers, using fieldwork and enquiry to find out about places using a progressive range of map skills and vocabulary
  • Develop proficiency in the
  • Study units framed around one key question, aimed at developing their sense of geographical enquiry



The monitoring of the standards of children’s work and of the quality of teaching in Geography is the responsibility of the subject leader. The work of the subject leader also involves supporting colleagues in their teaching, being informed about current developments in geography and providing a strategic lead and direction for this subject in the school. The subject leader reviews and evaluates planning annually. It involves creation of an action plan with regular, termly review.

KS1 are studying the seasons. We have made tree pictures using finger-painting to depict the 4 seasons. Some of our children have been outside exploring our surroundings on a sound walk where we listened to sounds around us such as crunching leaves and squelching mud. We collected interesting things that we could see around us such leaves, conkers and berries. Once dried, we will be using them to make pictures and patterns in the classroom. 


Mystery Suitcase

Y1 asked Geographical questions to find out where Mrs Ward had been on her holiday. The children were great at coming up with questions and worked out that she'd been to the Seaside on holiday in Whitby! 

Yorkshire 'vs' Kenya

In Year 2, we study Yorkshire Vs Kenya. The children are examining maps and looking for key human and physical features, such as the capital Nairobi and Mount Kenya. When then focused on answering some geographical questions, such as "what is Kenya like?" We had some great suggestions- such as "hot and dry" (but also with "a rain season!").