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4 CHERRY - Mrs Shires

Mrs Shires -


You can find out what we are currently learning on our Curriculum Newsletter.


A big welcome to year 4, we are really looking forward to working with your child and you throughout the year. We are really excited that school feels like it is beginning to return to normal (Pre COVID) but we will continue to cautious as the safety of the children is still paramount. We will be updating the class pages with photos and the exciting things we have been doing as often as possible.


In year 4 we work as a team, we help and support each other as we become more independent learners. We have the St Peters & Clifton Spirit at the heart of what we do and we are proud of our achievements big and small.


Our Curriculum

Autumn 2 - Year 4 are looking forward to a half term packed full of fun and learning. Our theme is...’Raid, Invade and Stayed’ as in History we look at different the tribes and groups of people that came to Britain after the Romans left our shores. In English, we will be reading a version of the Anglo-Saxon poem Beowulf and some Myths and Legends from the Viking era. We will create diary entries, character descriptions, poems and write our own myths. Our Maths focus this half term will be converting lengths, measuring the perimeter of rectilinear shapes and working on our multiplication skills. In Design and Technology, we will design and create ear defenders that could be use by a Viking during battle. Our topic will culminate in a Viking day in week 6 where the children can dress up and will take part in different craft activities.


Important Information

PE days are Mondays and Fridays. Please send your child in their PE kit on PE days and they will stay in it all day. All items should be named. Outdoor kit is required at the moment.

Spellings are been done in school every morning so your child will not be bringing home a spelling book. Children should use spelling shed to practise their spellings and they will be given out on Wednesday and then tested the following Wednesday.

Reading is a very important skill that the children need to access all areas of the curriculum, you can support us with your child’s reading journey by listening to your child read for 10 minutes every night. This can then be recorded in the reading record.

Mathletics activities will be set for homework on a weekly basis.


We have had a great start to the year and can’t wait to learn and grow together as a class over the next academic year.

H2OOOOOO was our topic this half term and we have looked at all things watery. 

In art we looked at the styles of Claude Monet and Neil Simone and how they take inspiration from water. We tried using Monet's impressionism techniques to create backgrounds and then used Neil Simone's ideas for illusion pictures. 

In geography we have learnt how rivers are formed and how they make their way to the sea. As well as learning some of the major world rivers and the continent the are in. We have also made links to our science unit and now know about the water cycle. We are able to use the vocabulary related to it to talk about what happens when liquids evaporate and solids melt. 

In PE we have linked to geography during our OAA work, where we have used compass knowledge and learnt what symbols are represented on maps. We have also taken part in athletics learning a variety of jumps and throwing techniques. 



World Book Day


You can view all of our photos here.


DT - Cooking

This half term in Design and Technology we are focusing on cooking. We have researched Brazilian foods and decided to make empanadas. Then, we went on to look at what kind of fillings they should have in them and what flavour combinations would work well together. Last week, we learnt how to chop and peel vegetables safely as well as tasting some delicious fruits. 


Year 4 Cherry have worked really hard this week, homework has been completed and the behaviour has been good. As a reward for trying so hard and working together as a class we have spent the afternoon looking after the school chicks. All the children really enjoyed observing and holding the chicks, especially when they fell asleep mid snuggle. 


Year 4 were set a homework task of making a biome and selecting an animal that lives there to research. They have done an amazing job and I am so pleased of those children that used their individuality to share their research.


Lochlan's Terrarium - YouTube


Year 4 Cherry have chilled out this half term with weekly sessions. We have learnt a variety of poses including the dolphin, mermaid, rainbow and frog. 


PE - Netball

Year 4 Cherry have worked with the PE coach to learn the skills of netball. All the class have made great progress and have participated in mini competitions. 


Science Day

4 Cherry looked at the impact of oils spills on the animals of that habitat.


As our design and technology topic comes to an end, we have made our final product. The Viking children were struggling with the noise that their raiding grown ups were making so we designed and made ear defenders. 


PE - Basketball

We are making good progress with our basketball skills and this week learnt two more passes. We can now try to do all 4 basketball passes as well as the new skills of dribbling and defending. 


Science - Sound

In science we have continued our work with sound, we know why animals have different shaped ears and why the shape is important. We were surprised to find that string telephones work and ear cones really do make sounds louder. 


We had an amazing day celebrating Diwali. The children found out what the colour of their clothes meant and represented. We listened to and then described characters from the story of Rama and Sita. We then worked in groups to make masks of the characters and retell the story. In the afternoon, the children designed Rangoli patterns, made Diva pots and Kandil lanterns.



We have finished our science topic of electricity by making toys with buzzers and lights.


Watts Up!

Year 4 have really enjoyed their 'electricity' topic this half term. Creating series circuits and learning about conductor and insulators. We have planned and designed our toys that will create a buzz, watch out for the pictures of the finished products. 

Moore, Moore, Moore!

Throughout art this half term we have focused on the sculptures of Henry Moore. We started with learning how to sketch and were shocked at how easy it is to draw 3D shapes. We have then learnt how to manipulate clay and made a clay sculpture.

Run, Cherries Run!

We have taken part in the virtual cross country challenge, as well as learning how to play tag rugby and hockey this half term. The class have demonstrated good skills in both hockey and rugby and are able to have small group games.

Which Wild one?

For National Poetry Day, we read the poem 'Which Wild One' by James Carter, it is an animal choices poem. The children then had fun thinking of their own Which Wild One poem and learnt that not all poems have to rhyme. 


Mon Monstre

We have been learning how to pronounce and write about bodies in French. We have learnt to sing head, shoulders, knees and toes in French this has helped us to remember the names for the body parts. Mrs Humbles came to teach one of our French lessons and taught us how to use our prior knowledge of colours and size together with the body parts to describe a monster.