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Big Sing 2020

This is being launched by the Wakefield music hub. You can find out all the information by following the link below :-



Year 5/6 have been enjoying singing like Adele. They have practised the instrumental section of a song. Children brought their instruments from home and others played pitched and unpitched percussion instruments. You can watch the finished article here :-




Y1 have been listening to some interesting songs and then accompanying the songs with chime bars. It was tricky work following the notes and keeping in time with the music!


Upper Foundation enjoyed performing a dragon dance. It was fun playing musical instruments and forming a procession behind the dragon.


Upper Foundation Stage have enjoyed exploring the sounds of musical instruments and performing to the class.


Y1 have been enjoying hip hop and rap music. They had great fun listening to and appraising the music and moving their bodies. It was great to see the children's confidence grow through the topic and they had some very creative movements in their final week. They learnt the song 'Hey You', added their own actions and then learnt to accompany the song with instruments and finally improvised their own accompaniment.


KS1 went on a Nature Walk around the school grounds. They then created a piece of music to reflect the sounds and feelings that they had encountered. They had great fun!


Musical Events

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