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Year 1 (1RK & 1WF)

Home Learning Activities

*** UPDATED - New Activities added below ***  (30th Mar 2020)

Hello everyone in Year 1. We are missing you all and are hoping that you are having fun, managing to do some work and keeping safe. Remember to get out side everyday if you can and keep active.


We would love to hear from you, so please feel free to send a photo or an email to the addresses below.


Here are some more ideas for things to keep you busy, learning and having fun this next week and over the Easter holidays. We will send out some more ideas after the holidays, but please do get in touch if you want to.


Lego Challenge - See the below poster and see how many of the challenges you could do



Easter Challenges

  • - Can you design and make an Easter Egg?
    - Can you paint/decorate some eggs and have an egg rolling competition? Whose lasts the longest without breaking?
    - Can you go on an egg hunt?
    - Can you make a treasure hunt with clues and directions for others in your family to follow?
  • - Can you follow a recipe to bake some Easter cakes or cookies and decorate them in an Easter theme?


Maths Challenges - Shape. 

  • Can you go on a shape hunt around your house or outside spotting 2D and 3D shapes? Can you draw and label them or take a photo of them?
  • Make a shape picture - draw around things that you've found in your house to make a picture using shapes.


Science Challenge – Floating & Sinking

You may want to do this experiment outside in your garden as there are likely to be some splashes!

Watch this fun video clip and make your predictions along side the characters...then carry out your own experiment.


Konnie Huq video 3 - Fun & easy science experiments with water!

Today we're going to do a few different science experiments using H2O (or water, as you might know it!) Some of these experiments are almost like magic tricks! We'll discuss the science behind them too! Enjoy! - Konnie Huq x


Reading & Phonics Challenges

  • Can you retell one of the stories you’ve read to someone else in your house?


There are some great things to watch, inspire and do on youtube:

  • Histrionics are putting out a short video of a character from the past. Very engaging, funny and educational. So far we’ve had a pirate and a knight.
  • Chester zoo and the National Science Museum have done a virtual tour on facebook.
  • Konnie Huq (from BBC) is posting fun things to do on her you tube channel. This one on Science experiments looks fun
  • If you like dancing, Oti Mabuse (from Strictly) has some cool dance videos on her youtube channel


If you've found some fun websites or things to do, please email us so we can share with the rest of the children.


Mrs Ward.




*** UPDATED - New Activities added below ***  (24th Mar 2020)





  • Log into your Mathletics and revisit areas we have already learnt this year, practice the tasks within the areas and earn as many points as you can.
  • Log into TTRockstars and practice your times tables (x2 & x5).


Reading, Writing & Phonics

  • Practise reading phase 3 and 5 sounds and blending them to make up words.
  • Complete the phonics booklet.
  • Practise reading and writing the common exception words.
  • Complete a diary.
  • If you have books to read at home – take time to enjoy your favourite books and record the books you have read in your reading record.
  • Write a book review of a book you have read – what was the book about? Who would enjoy the book? What did you like/dislike?
  • Write a description of a character from a book you have read
  • Draw a picture of a character from the book
  • Design a new front cover for a book that you have read
  • Write a letter to the author of the book you have read telling them why you enjoyed their book
  • Use the internet to find out facts about the author of a book you have read
  • Retell a traditional tale. Twinkl have some great interactive stories you can download (See link later). Ask an adult to tell you a traditional tale and then retell it. You could make some puppets and retell the story.
  • Write the story of the Gingerbread Man and use story language in your writing. You could also bake some at home!



  • Write a class prayer that we could use in school. Think about our school vision and St Peter’s Spirit!
  • Find out about the Easter story.



  • Our Summer term topic is Minibeasts – find out information and make a fact file/poster to share in class.
  • Go on nature walks and try to identify the plants, trees and animals that you see. You can download some spotter grids from our website.



  • If you have access to a computer, practise Word Processing skills by writing a simple sentence and saving it.



Useful Website Links


  • The teachers are members of the website ‘Twinkl’.

Twinkl are offering parents 1 months free premium membership where you can download and print additional learning resources to support your child’s learning at home.

Go to and enter the code ‘UKTWINKLHELPS’


  • To keep physically active you can try some active workouts on the following websites or apps:


  • PhonicsPlay are offering free resources and games – we use this in school!

Username – march20, Password - home




Contact Details


If you wish to ask any questions relating to work tasks or learning, please email us at the address below.  We know this time will be very hard for all of us. We will endeavour to keep posting information and tasks to help you to guide, entertain and teach your children whilst schools are closed. Thank you. 

We hope that you and your families stay well over this time.

The Year 1 Team.

Mrs Ward:

Mrs Kidd: