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Y6 Community Week, July 2021

Spirit in action! 


Year Six had a fabulous week ‘paying back’ to the community on many different levels. Take a look at all the activities we were involved in! 

As a thank you to local shopkeepers for supporting our local community, we designed, produced and presented ‘thank you’ posters which we hand delivered – they were thrilled!
In Horbury, we are blessed with some wonderful outdoor spaces so Year Six decided to create a series of ‘fairy doors’ for the younger members of our community to enjoy finding when out and about with their families. They also, used these wonderful spaces to leave 'random acts of kindness' for members of the community to pick up and take home. We hope they put a smile on many faces! 
Pupils turned into waiters and tour guides during an open morning at St Peter’s church, where they impressed locals with their knowledge of the building, its history and its significance to our local area. Time to chat over tea and biscuits proved very popular too!
Multitudes of wildlife gratefully received the help of our litter-picking groups which toiled over the more rural parts of our local area whilst future generations of flora and fauna will enjoy the bug hotels and bird feeders created and distributed around school grounds.