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1WF - Mrs Ward / Fawcett


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Welcome to Class 1WF


Thank you for taking the time to look at our class page on our new school website.



At our school we place a great importance on Reading and we would ask you to encourage your child to read their school reading book everyday and record this with a signature and a message if possible. Obviously reading stories to your child is still valuable and enjoyable for both children and parents.

Please return your child’s reading book to school everyday so that we can change the book if it has been read and also so that we can record if the child has read at school.



We visit the school library every Thursday afternoon. During this time, if a child wishes to change their library book they can do so.



We have PE lessons on a Tuesday morning and a Thursday afternoon. Please bring your child’s PE kit (white t-shirt, navy blue/black shorts and trainers/pumps) to school on a Monday and leave in school until Friday. We try to go outside for some PE lessons so please also send some jogging bottoms too.

We also do daily physical activity in the form of a Daily Mile or an indoor exercise (e.g. BBC Supermovers) to get our bodies moving as much as possible.


Drinks and Snacks

We ask the children to drink water at regular intervals during the day so please provide them with a durable water bottle (water only, not juice). A fruit or vegetable snack is provided everyday for the children which they eat at morning playtime. You can send your child with their own piece of fruit or vegetable if you so wish but no other snacks are suitable, thank you.


And lastly, thank you for your support and if you have any questions or would like a chat, please catch a member of staff at the beginning or end of the day.


Thank you,

Mrs Ward, Mrs Fawcett & Mrs Endicott

Plants and Flowers Hunt Sheet

The Gingerbread Man Story

Science - Plants

In Science this week we've been looking closely at plants and labelling their parts. We also found a woodlouse hiding in between the plants. All the children were fascinated by what they looked like under the microscope!


This week in PE we've been working in Unison and also in Cannon, with a partner. It was tricky at first but we improved with practise and perseverance! Well done everyone!


ICT - Using symbols on the computer and saving our work

Maths - Fractions

Maths - Solving fraction problems in our greater depth maths group

Pollution Walk around Horbury

Maths - Estimating & Measuring objects accurately

Friendship Group - Making Pom Poms

Special Places

Still image for this video

ICT - Using the computer and typing a document

Maths - Solving Time problems

Nature Walk to identify different types of plants

Telling the Time

This week we are working on telling the time (on an analogue clock). We have been impressed with how well the children have worked. Can you practise at home with half pasts and o'clocks?


P.E - Stillness in Balance

This week we have started a new unit of Gymnastics and we're working developing stillness in our balances and moving slowly to control our movements. A super start with some very imaginative and controlled balances.


We've had lots of fun and shown great creativity in our music lessons so far this half term. We've listened to some interesting songs and discussed what we like and dislike about them. The Imperial March by John Williams caused a split in the class as some of us loved it as it reminded us of Star Wars but many thought it was too loud and dramatic! We moved our bodies in lots of different ways to find the pulse. Then, we accompanied the song we'd been learning with some chime bars. It was tricky work following the notes and keeping in time with the music, but I was very impressed with how well the children did. We're looking forward to our next lesson where we are going to improvise! 


We've had lots of fun and learnt lots helping each other and working together so far this week in our phonics, maths and music...


Science - frozen hands!

Now that we know how animals keep themselves warm in the polar habitats we wanted to know how we defrost our frozen hands if we were to get too cold... I was very impressed by the fantastic ideas all of the children had. We explored their ideas by placing ice hands in different places around our school. We used our new data loggers to find the accurate temperature in the different places. Some of us were surprised to find that the quickest way to warm up was in warm water. It didn't work wrapping them up as we found out that kept the hands cold!


P.E - Multiskills

We have been working hard and having fun doing Multi-skills with Libby our PE coach.


Science - Polar habitats

We have been exploring how animals are adapted to live in polar habitats. We had so much fun but got cold!!!
Once we'd explored how the fur and feather kept us warm, we used our science skills to suggest how to carry out  a fair test. Our winner managed to keep his hand in the icy water for 51 seconds but with the hand covered in 'blubber' he managed an impressive 9 minutes!!!



Maths - 10x Tables

We've all learnt our 10x tables (and got our badges) - Yeah! 
Now we're learning our 2x tables.


We've had great fun with our book Emperor's Egg where we've learnt all about the life of Emperor Penguins in Antarctica. We have tried lots of different things to help us understand what life is like for the penguins... holding ice cubes, measuring out and drawing life size pictures of Emperor Penguins, balancing 'eggs' on our feet, huddling together to keep warm, and acting out the life story.


Next week we are going to write a report full of facts about the penguins. We are all really excited about it.


Enjoying our new reading books

PE - Weather Dance Topic

We have loved our Dance topic this half term on Weather. We have performed 3 dances now all based on weather patterns: A rain storm; A snow storm and lastly a Windy storm with scarves. We have worked on improving our moves each week and have listened carefully to the music so we know when to alter our moves. Well done class, you've worked hard here!


We are loving our new topic on the seasons. We've painted some beautiful seasonal tree pictures and worked independently to make firework pictures with chalks.
We're loving spending time out doors learning about Autumn and what it looks like in our school grounds. Here are some pictures of us being 'Nature Detectives' where in our first lesson we identified trees in our school grounds. Can the children show you what they've learnt and identify some trees when they are out and about with you? Use this leaf ID sheet to help!



Autumn Walk

This was our Nature Walk. We then created a piece of music to reflect the sounds and feelings that we had. We had great fun!


Flying High in PE!

The children have worked hard and thoroughly enjoyed our PE unit on 'Flight'. We have built upon our skills and are really good at bending our ankles, knees and hips and swinging our arms to get good height when 'flying'. We put together mini sequences starting and finishing in curled or stretched shapes, travelling and jumping and holding a finishing shape. We added some apparatus later on to get even more height. I am very proud of the children's increase in confidence and skills. Well done, my little gymnasts!


Music - Hey You!

We have been enjoying hip hop and rap music this half term. We had great fun listening to and appraising the music and moving our bodies however we wished. It was great to see the children's confidence grow through the topic and we had some very creative movements in our final week. We learnt the song Hey You, added our own actions and then learnt to accompany the song with instruments and finally improvised our own accompaniment. What a wonderful, creative and musical bunch we are! Well done class 1WF!


We had a brilliant morning making castles. All of the children were very proud of their castles. I love the fact they were all unique. Thank you very much to all of the parent helpers - we couldn't have done it without you!


Bar Models in Maths

We've been adding and taking away in Maths this week and have practised forming number sentences and using bar models to help us work out the answers. Ask your child to show you what we've been doing.


We practised crossing the road safely with the Street Feet resource. We practised the 4 steps: Stop. Look. Listen. Think. Can you practise at home?


Pontefract Castle

View our Y1 photos here.


Following Instructions

This week we have been following instructions to make a knight, a paper plate fish and a friendship bracelet. Some excellent independent learning again!


Gymnastics - Flight

We enjoyed starting our gymnastics unit on Flight. The children didn't believe they could fly! However, I was very proud of the children using 'squashy' ankles, knees and hips to get high in the air.


Some independent learning

We are having such a busy time already! The children have settled in very quickly and are already picking up new routines and responsibilities.


In Maths, the children have been resisting their counting skills and identifying and writing numbers up to 100. The children have been working out what a number is worth and how that number can be partitioned. The children have been given the opportunity to independently solve maths problems and share their findings with the rest of the class.


In English, the children have been writing about what they have been doing in the holidays. It has been great to hear all the wonderful things and exciting times that the children have had. The children have all enjoyed being given their new reading books and be listened to by the different teachers in year one using all of our different reading areas that have been set up I the holidays.


The children have enjoyed working in the construction areas and starting to work with the castle resources that we have prepared ready for our first topic.