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Playtime Leaders

Playtime Leaders


The aim of the Playground Leaders Scheme is to introduce and develop leadership skills in our children, as well as increasing the amount of physical activity undertaken during lunch time and reducing the amount of anti-social behaviour.


We believe there is a whole school impact in terms of children’s behaviour both at lunchtime and in afternoon lessons. Having organised activities on offer also helps our children to play together co-operatively. This is especially beneficial for those who struggle with friendships or social situations.


The Playground Leader scheme helps to raise self-esteem and self-confidence in our leaders. We provide them with specific equipment for the games they organise and deliver during lunchtime. With so many benefits, it is no surprise that so many of our children put themselves forward to become a Playground Leader every year.


At our school, Playground Leaders undertake training in year 5 and agree to:

  • Give up some of their lunchtimes
  • Help to organise games & activities for younger children in the playground
  • Be responsible for handing out & collecting in play equipment
  • Help to make the playground a safe & happy place to play
  • Complete a playground leader’s course.

Year 5 pupils received training to develop their leadership skills to help them become a Play Leader at lunchtime. They learnt lots of games and warm up activities and practiced how to give clear instructions to each other.

Our Year 5 Play Leaders have been busy at lunchtime, leading lots of games and activities across all three of our playgrounds - Nursery. KS1 and KS2.