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4 HAZEL - Mrs Stevens

Mrs Stevens -


You can find out what we are currently learning on our Curriculum Newsletter.


A big welcome to year 4, we are really looking forward to working with your child and you throughout the year. We are really excited that school feels like it is beginning to return to normal (Pre COVID) but we will continue to cautious as the safety of the children is still paramount. We will be updating the class pages with photos and the exciting things we have been doing as often as possible.


In year 4 we work as a team, we help and support each other as we become more independent learners. We have the St Peters & Clifton Spirit at the heart of what we do and we are proud of our achievements big and small.


Our Curriculum

In Summer 2 our topic is 'Off with Her Head' when we will be looking at the changing power of monarchy in Britain using our computing skills to create short videos about significant Kings and Queens. For DT we will be designing and making a 'Royal Cushion' experimenting how to secure different fabrics and developing our sewing skills.


Important Information

PE days are Mondays and Fridays. Please send your child in their PE kit on PE days and they will stay in it all day. All items should be named. Outdoor kit is required at the moment.

Spellings are been done in school every morning so your child will not be bringing home a spelling book. Children should use spelling shed to practise their spellings and they will be given out on Wednesday and then tested the following Wednesday.

Reading is a very important skill that the children need to access all areas of the curriculum, you can support us with your child’s reading journey by listening to your child read for 10 minutes every night. This can then be recorded in the reading record.

Mathletics activities will be set for homework on a weekly basis.


We have had a great start to the year and can’t wait to learn and grow together as a class over the next academic year.

As our topic has been H2OOOOOO - or water we looked at Monet and the local artist Neil Simone. The class worked with poster paint and water colours to mix colours and try to create the water effects of these artists.


We have been looking at 'States of Matter' and had a fantastic time acting out the different particles in the 3 states as well as completing experiments about melting chocolate and evaporation.


RE - Why Jesus inspires people

This half term we were looking at why Jesus is inspiring to some people and visited church to speak to Kathryn the 'Children and Families Worker', asking her questions about her faith. Then we enjoyed some activities about Jesus' miracles.


This half term Year 4 have really enjoyed OAA - (outdoor adventurous activities)They used maps and compass points and symbols to develop their communication skills. During athletics we practiced sprinting and relays and well as long jumps, hurdles and javelin. 



Our topic was Rivers, and Year 4 went outside to watch how rivers are formed and created our own 'Water Cycles in a Bag'.


Easter Praise

Both the Year 3 and Year 4 children had a fantastic time performing their Easter musical at St Peter's Church after lots of hard work and rehearsal.


English - The Explorer

We absolutely loved reading the Katherine Rundell novel, 'The Explorer' about 4 children who crash land in the Amazon and find their way to an ancient ruined city and a enigmatic man who eventually helps them. The book inspired them to write their own narrative about how the explorer came to be in the Amazon.



We have modified and created our own own games using the coding program Scratch.


PE - Gymnastics & Football

Year 4 have enjoyed gymnastics and football this half term.


DT - Empanadas

Year 4 enjoyed learning about Brazilian street food and designed their own empanadas using fillings inspired by South America

World Book Day

You can view all our photos here.


Year 4 were given the challenge of creating their own habitats for an animal of their choice - They did an amazing job and the creativity just blew Mrs Stevens away.

PE - Netball

Safer Internet Day

Year 4 really enjoyed Safer Internet Day. They were able to show off their knowledge of online games and advise an alien on how to develop good online relationships. They also sent in some fabulous ‘My Life Online’ competition entries.


Art - Printing

This half term, Year 4 enjoyed researching the print artist Angie Lewin and used her work to inspire their own work using printing techniques.


Science Day

We explored the affects of global warming on Science Day.



Carol singing at Elm Lodge

English - Beowulf

Year 4 really enjoyed reading a version of the epic Anglo Saxon poem Beowulf and worked really hard to write their own diaries as if they were the warrior after his famous battle with the monster Grendel.


Computing - Programming

Year 4 are learning how to use algorithms (precise instructions) to control programs. Using LOGO they have moved the turtle to create shapes and letters.


Science - Sound

Year 4 have been having a great time investigating the different sources of sound and how it travels to our ears. They have created their own string telephones and used different instruments to explore how high- and low-pitched sounds are made.


PE - Basketball

This half term Year 4 have been developing their basketball skills with the coach. They have been practising different passes, the best way to defend and attack and controlled dribbling.


Diwali Day

Year 4 had a fantastic time learning about and celebrating Diwali. They dressed in bright clothes, tasted Indian food and making diva lamps from clay and paper kandil lanterns.



The members of Hazel Class are not only busy during school time but do loads of exciting extra curricula activities too - we love to celebrate these things with each other.


Mathletics Trophy

We have been doing a fantastic job with our maths homework. We have won the Mathletics trophy for the 3rd time! - Mrs Stevens is so proud of them.


Art - Sculpture

Using Henry Moore as their inspiration, Hazel have worked hard to create design and create 3d sculptures. They made masks and then created their own figures manipulating them into different positions.

Hazel Class have learnt loads of new skills in PE - In Rugby they have been practising how to pass the ball correctly and dodge an opponent using this is games of 'Tag Rugby'

In Hockey they have been learning how to dribble accurately and safety as well as how to shoot and stop the ball. Finally, they all did a fantastic job running the cross-country laps with some excellent times.

What Bright Sparks!

We have really enjoyed our 'electricity' topic this half term. Creating series circuits and learning about conductor and insulators.